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domenica 10 febbraio 2008

Majestic Trees

The Principle of Evil.....the tale of the solitude of a tree in a lunar landscape

My father was a cloud and he taught me to fly
My mother was a northern wind and her cold kiss stand upon me
From the wind and the cloud came the storm
and the sky cried from a deep wound
bloody tears that brought me life

I'm the Light,endless one
I'm the Shadow,darker then the Night
I'm the Emperor of the Waste Land
But the Principle of Evil made me alone

As the leaves call the wind
I roamed,traveling my realm by thought
But the mind is blind and the heart like a stone
And I reached the Nothing Valley

I'm the Light,endless one
I'm the Shadow,blessed by the Dark
I'm the Emperor of The Dead Country
But the Principle of Evil made me alone

My solitude was my mate
in a sea so wide
the raft of knowledge was my guide
toward the flood of damnation

Because I'm the First One
And the Principle of the Truth Search made me Evil

And I met her...

2 commenti:

  1. Good words, I like it very much
    Who's the writer?

  2. It's me...look at my page on myspace :)